Sanctuary Congregations

Sanctuary Congregations – There is a place for you.
 The Rhode Island State Council of Churches is working with congregations from several faith traditions to provide sanctuary for undocumented immigrants here in Rhode Island.  Some congregations will actually prepare to house people while others will play a support role.  Individuals who may not be involved with a faith tradition are also most welcome to volunteer.  If you would like to become involved, please use the link (below) to connect you with a survey that will let us know of your interest.  We will also place you on an email list that will bring you up to date info on all the activity regarding sanctuary congregations.
RESOURCES (Click on each to go to web page)
New York Conference United Methodist Church – Serving as a Sanctuary Church
Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice –RESOURCE: Sanctuary Movement in the Trump Era – New Strategy and Tactics in the Post-Election Reality

“Know Your Rights: What to Do if You’re Stopped by Police, Immigration or the FBI.”

Provided by the ACLU, this a wallet sized reminder, in Spanish and in English, of your rights if you are stopped by Police, Immigration or the FBI.
Click HERE to  get the PDF (already sized to fit wallets and small purses) to print. If you want to pick one up already printed, or if you want larger quantities, please visit:

ACLU of Rhode Island
128 Dorrance Street, Suite 400
Providence, RI 02903