Oaks of Righteousness 80th Anniversary Celebration

LISTEN to the complete celebration, start to finish, HERE.

WATCH a lightly edited video of the celebration, HERE.

The Program:

Snapshot 9 (10-2-2017 9-18 PM)OAKS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS

A Celebration of Word and Song on the 80 Year Journey of the

 Rhode Island State Council of Churches


Written by Rev. Betsy Aldrich Garland

Narrated by Valerie Tutson – Story Teller


Blowing of the Shofar

Processional Hymn – “We Are Marching in the Light of God”


  •           Prologue to the Journey

“Peace in the Valley” (Thomas Dorsey)

Sister Anne Pitts – Soloist

  • First Steps (1937)

“Lord You Are Good”

Bishop Herson Gonzalez (Calvary Worship Center) and Maria

  • Fruitful Plains (1940-1960)

“Want to Live So God Can Use Me”  (Alice Parker)

Central Congregational Church Choir (Patrick Aiken, Director)

  • Lands of Unrest (1960-1980)

“Od Yavo Shalom Alelnu”  (Mosh Ben Ari)

The Ruach Singers of Temple Habonim

  • Springs in the Desert (1980 – 2000)

“For Every Mountain”  (Kurt Carr)

Holy Name of Jesus Gospel Choir (Joyce Braboy, Director)

  • In Search of Fertile Soil (A New Century)

“Reign of God” (Hyungsun Ryu/Hyeonjeong Sin)

The Zion Choir (Haewon Kim, Director)

  • Oaks of Righteousness (2017-)

“One Lord One Faith One Baptism”  (Earl Bright)

Ebenezer Baptist Church Choir (Earl Bright, Director)

Olney Street Baptist Church Choir  (Rose Whetstone, President)


Remarks from Public Officials

Offering (The Rev. Betsy Aldrich Garland)

Closing Remarks/Benediction (Rev. Don Anderson, Executive Minister RISCC)

Massed Choir Anthem

Oaks of Righteousness (Music and Lyrics by Delbert Leon Collins, Ernest Cox – Accompanist)