Merciful Conversations on Race: Resource and Facilitator Guides

merciful conversation

To view the Facilitator Guide, follow this link: Merciful Conversation Facilitators Guide 071717

Resource Guide:

For use with the United Church of Christ’s
“White Privilege: Let’s Talk” Curriculum

Additional Resources:

Salon – Black People are Not Here To Teach You

White Privilege – Lets Talk – Vocabulary

Session 1:  The Big Picture—Course Introduction

United Church of Christ Curriculum-White Privilege: Let’s Talk

Webinar, A Brief Overview of the White privilege: Let’s Talk Curriculum

Webinar:  A Brief Overview of the Curriculum


First Time I Realized I Was Black–CNN Video

Session 2:  Writing a Spiritual Autobiography through the lens of race Quiz:  Check your privilege A letter to white Christians…

White privilege: Let’s Talk Curriculum:

Webinar: Spiritual Autobiography Through the Lens of Race

Whitley Phelps story and song about Amazing Grace at Carnegie Hall

Session 3:  Whiteness as the Norm

Cracking the Code:  In the Grocery Line


What my bike has taught me about white privilege

Demarginalizing the intersection of race and sex by Kimberle Crenshaw Quiz:  Check your privilege


Webinar: Whiteness as Norm

These Photos Show Role Reversal We’re Not Used to Seeing-show-role-reversal-were-not-used-seeing

Wikipedia: Intersectionality

Emotional Lives of White People

This Poet’s Powerful Explanation Of ‘Black Privilege’ Will Give You Chills

“What does it mean to be White? Developing White Racial Literacy” by Robin DiAngelo

Session 4:  Impact of White Privilege

What it’s like to be Black in America

Definition of Structural Racism (Aspen Institute)

The Ultimate White Privilege Statistics & Data Post

Webinar: Whiteness as Cash Value

Transcript:  President Obama’s Speech on Race “A More Perfect Union,” March 18, 2008

US Cathedral may become museum to the slave trade
Fruitvale Station (film)

“Just Mercy” by Bryan Stephenson

“The New Jim Crow” by Michelle Alexander

Not Separate but Not Equal:  Racism in Education

10 Signs of Institutionalized Racism in education

Session 5:  Becoming an Ally or Where do we go from here?

Cracking the Code:  In the Grocery Line

What White Folks and Non-Black POC Need

Race Matters in the Classroom–Article titled “Disorientation”

Accomplices not Allies

Webinar: On being an ally