Helen Hudson Foundation

A Unique and Wonderful Fund Raising Idea

dinner at six helen hudsonThe Rhode Island State Council of Churches and The Helen Hudson Foundation are dedicated to raising awareness and funds for marginalized citizens. We are continuing the legacy of acclaimed writer Helen Hudson, whose life and work exhibited an uncompromising spirit of compassion for those less fortunate. Since 2002 the Helen Hudson Foundation has distributed her book, which is based on interviews of homeless men and women, entitled Dinner at Six: Voices from the kitchen.
“Ms. Hudson is a superior writer.”The New Yorker
Let RISCC and the Helen Hudson Foundation help you raise money for a program/ministry in your congregation/organization that helps folks in need.
The Helen Hudson Foundation Program donates these books (free of charge) to any congregation/organization that is dedicated to helping the hungry and the homeless. That organization or church, in turn, uses the book as a fundraising tool – selling the book (for any $$$ they want to) and keeping all proceeds for their own outreach programs. The RISCC and Helen Hudson Foundation can provide a spokesperson – usually someone who HAS been homeless and experienced that world first-hand – for your Fund Raising Event.
As Ms. Hudson has written:
“My hope is that this book may encourage others to consider, with understanding and compassion, the many men, women and children who are hungry and homeless in this, the richest country in the world”.”
If you would be interested in knowing how to use these free books to raise money for your program please email Jennifer Geary at strengthencommunity@gmail.com