Public Policy Statements

Public Policy Statements result from the  work of the Faith & Order Commission, which is detailed at the bottom on this page. To see any of the following documents, please click on the links provided.


Position Paper on Freedom of Religion (February, 2017)

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“An examination of the principle of religious liberty raises questions for individuals, communities of faith, and the public at large.  Just as our American form of government – with its checks and balances between the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches – provides stability for the nation, so, too, is the creative tension between the religious sector and the governmental sector.  In reflecting on the relationship between the two, one must be attentive to such concerns as the balance of powers and spheres of responsibility….The Rhode Island State Council of Churches turns to this timely discussion now in the face of a blurring of these spheres.”


Position Paper on Religious Pluralism (March 2015)

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The Rhode Island State Council of Churches is engaged increasingly in a religiously pluralistic world and collaborates extensively with people of many faiths on matters of peace and justice.  To offer theological and experiential grounding for such interfaith work, the Council’s Faith & Order Commission accepted as its challenge in 2013-2014 to craft a position paper.  In so doing, the Council seeks to

.   encourage interfaith dialogue,

.   ease discomfort with differing world views,

.   recognize and acknowledge more than one pathway to Holy Mystery,

.   respect, appreciate and celebrate differing approaches, not judge them, and

.   provide an imperative for increased interfaith cooperation across Rhode Island.


A Call to Christian Hospitality:
Principles for a Politic of Immigration in the US


Denomination Statements on Poverty:
Poverty as a Problem

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Authority of the Council in Public Life

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A Synthesis of the Church in the World

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Death Penalty Statement

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The Purpose and Work of the Faith & Order Commission:
The by-laws of the Rhode Island State Council of Churches creates two commissions: One is Faith & Order and the other is Advocacy & Justice.

Faith & Order’s duties shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

1. Encouraging and conducting ecumenical and interfaith theological studies and retreats for both clergy and laity;

2. Facilitating and supporting efforts in interfaith dialogue and ecumenical worship experiences in local and statewide settings;

3. Being alert to the concerns and actions of the National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA, the World Council of Churches, and other broad faith assemblies and entities; and,

4. Providing a theological perspective for the overall work of the Council.