End of Life Issues

End of Life Issues for Rhode Island Clergy, Caregivers and Faith Leaders

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Introduction to the Learning Modules

When discussing death, dying and living with chronic or long term illness, spiritual issues always surface.  Even “non-believers” have certain beliefs about death and life after death and the burden of pain and illness.  Some faith communities have very specific beliefs and policies about end of life issues and the treatment of chronic illness, while others leave such decisions up to the individual.

The best support that the faith community can give is an open ongoing dialogue on spiritual matters.  Exploring such issues as one’s belief in the Divine, a person’s relationship to the Divine, how everyday life should be lived, and the definition of  “quality of life”.  Faith leaders and faith communities can help a person to clarify, affirm or reaffirm their spirituality and their beliefs as they relate to issues of death, dying, pain and suffering.

An assessment can be made of one’s knowledge base about these issues and the myths that surround them.

Some discussion starters can be:

What is my view of God/the Divine?

Do I believe in a personal relationship with God/the Divine?

How do I communicate in the spiritual realm?

How do I “hear” or “know” God’s/the Divine’s wishes for me or my loved one?

What does my spiritual journey look like and where is it going?

How do all of these questions influence my views of death, dying, and suffering?

The programs on this site may help to enable Faith Communities begin a journey of dialogue into one of the most important life issues humans face.  The modules are designed to be individualized for the needs and beliefs and cultures of faith communities.  Not all modules will be helpful or necessary for your faith community.  Modules can be accessed by emailing riscc@councilofchurchesri.org (not active yet).  It is the RI State Council of Churches’ hope that you will provide feedback as to the usefulness of each module that you access.