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On October 1, 2015, the Governing Board of the Rhode Island State Council of Churches adopted new By-Laws. Among other items, the Board determined that new categories of participation and opportunity be created, while faithfully honoring our long-term mutual commitments to existing partners and members.

In the coming weeks and into early 2016, we anticipate further outreach to fully flesh out these changes and to create new opportunities to serve. Below please find the relevant excerpts of our newly adopted By-Laws, and watch this space for further developments::

ARTICLE III — Membership
Section 3. Types. 

There shall be two types of membership, the responsibilities and privileges of which shall be established by the Governing Board, including expectations for financial support for the work of the Council:

A. Denominational Members.
1. Membership is open to all Denominations that affirm the mission of the Council.
2. Denominational membership requires appropriate financial support on an annual basis, to be reviewed annually.

B. Congregational Members.
1. Membership is open to all individual Congregations that affirm the mission of the Council
2. Individual Congregations that are part of a Member Denomination may join as a Congregational Member.
3. Congregational Membership requires an appropriate annual financial contribution, the purpose of which shall be to provide services to congregations and to enhance their shared ministries.

Section 1.  Name & Number.  There shall be two categories of partners, Faith Partners and Community Partners, or those who self-identify with both categories, who choose to engage in the work of the Council on an ongoing basis.

      A.  Faith Partners.  Faith Partners are organizations and groups who represent faith traditions that would not normally join as members of the Council but who wish to be aligned with aspects of the work of the Council as a Partner.
      B.  Community Partners. Community Partners are organizations and groups whose mission is aligned with one or more aspects of the Council’s work and who have a shared interest in particular issues and who, therefore, wish to be identified as a Partner of the Council.

Section 2.  Partnership.  Partnership may be by invitation or by application.  The Executive Committee shall receive and act upon requests and report its decisions to the Governing Board.

 Section 3.  Memorandum of Understanding.  The relationship between the Council and a Partner shall be defined in a Memorandum of Understanding and shall include the provision of a contribution to the Council and/or a sharing of resources according to the Partner’s available resources.  Partners shall be invited to participate, as appropriate, in Council activities and events.

For RISCC Executive and Governing Boards – use these forms for signing up churches/faith communities/organizations to RISCC.  Click on the form and a pdf, which you can download, should appear.

Congregation Registration 02-04-2016

Partner MOU

RISCC Oak Tree Membership Brochure