About Us

Dear Partners, Members and Friends,

We write with grateful hearts that the Spirit is moving among us with such purpose. We are grateful to be in a ministry that attends to the relationships among people of faith. Part of our mission, as we understand it, is to seek out merciful conversation: to initiate it, to broker it, or to be the convener of it.

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We bring people together to share in faithful stewardship of our environment and to express moral outrage at mass incarceration and pay-day lending. We are counted by our legislators as supporters of responsible gun legislation, non-violent solutions and ethical government. We are sometimes the voice of faith communities, and sometimes the voice of those who have no voice. We work with everyone willing to sit down at the table. We’ll even bring the table, and bring the snacks too.

This is a table where every faith community in Rhode Island is invited to have a seat. We work with groups providing for the homeless, the hungry, the stricken, the addicted and “the least of these” – and with musicians, college professors, street ministers, poets, and people of diverse opinions. We bring leadership to the spiritual and pastoral issues involved in end-of-life and palliative care, too.

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Join with us? Support us? We hope we are where Jesus would want us to be, extending to you the hand of fellowship and the invitation to merciful conversation. Grace and peace to you.

Rev. Dr. Don Anderson, Executive Minister
Barbara Scott President RISCC