The Great Bible Experiment is Coming to Providence!

Did you know that Providence is ranked as one of the least Bible-minded cities in America? It is #98 out of 100 according to the American Bible Society’s annual survey. It’s a similar story across the northeast. Both inside and outside the church, people in our region have a lot of issues with the Bible. On September 19, a secular humanist, a Protestant clergywoman, and a Catholic priest are coming to Providence to help us talk about it.

cropped-RICOC-Logo.jpgSept. 19, 2016     6 pm  (Registration Required – HERE)
Barnard Room
150 Empire St.
Providence, RI
Moderator: The Honorable Arlene Violet, JD


ribs2The RI State Council of Churches and RI Bible Society are proud to sponsor The Great Bible Experiment: Exploring the Bible in America’s Least Bible-Minded Cities. Join us at the Providence Public Library at 6 pm on Monday, September 19. Bring a group from your church and help grow the conversation about the Bible in RI and beyond. For further information about this great program, click HERE