Vigil for Peace, Hope & Understanding

Vigil for Peace, Hope and Understanding

(First Baptist Church, East Greenwich.  July 18, 2016)

vigil abc6WOW! What an amazing outpouring of love, truth, thought and caring. We listened. We agreed, and maybe we disagreed. But we listened. We sang. We found common ground and we were illuminated to areas of difference. But we listened. And in listening with our ears, heart, mind and soul, we were uplifted.

We are proud of our community who came out to listen, and we are proud of the great number of diverse and caring speakers who presented their thoughts. An example is Pastor Ebony Grisom (Resident Pastor First Baptist Church, East Greenwich) who, in her role as “closer” of the Vigil, evoked the memory of ace New York Yankee closer Mariano Riviera. She DID close in grand fashion, but somewhere along the way she also hit a few home runs like some of those OTHER Yankees – Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, and Alex Rodriguez.

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Rev. Dr. Jonathan Malone – 00:01:08

Bob Houghtaling – 00:05:22

Col. Steven Pare – 00:13:42

Dr. Eshun Mirza – 00:19:32

Rabbi Aaron Philmus – 00:28:42

Rev. Dr. Donald Anderson – 00:49:37

Margret Rodrigue & Grace Fitch – 01:06:12

Chuck Wilson – 01:11:42

Rev. Ebony Grisom – 01:23:42

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