MAY is Station Club Fire Memorial Fundraising Month!

station night clubFaith communities of Rhode Island have been involved from the first hour as they worked together to support victims’ and survivors’ families. “Rhode Island communities of faith have had a profound impact on the healing process, but we recognize there is still great pain and healing ahead of us,”said Rev. Dr. Donald Anderson, Executive Minister of the Rhode Island State Council of Churches. “We welcome the opportunity to work together to help build this much-needed Memorial.”
View a NEW short video interview with First Responder Clergy and survivors of the fire HERE.
May 2016 is All-Faith Community Support Month. Over 500 congregations and communities of Rhode Island will be asked to raise funds using their own traditions, such as second collections, special events, suppers, individual/family giving or budget donations, for example. “This is a historic effort where all faith communities can help bring healing, peace and solace,” said Rev. Dr. Anderson.
For further information about how YOUR Faith Community can contribute, please click HERE